The APPRAIS MOOC is designed to provide training modules on selected topics related to the definition and implementation of Bologna process in the Kurdish universities, providing the competences and knowledge to facilitate reforming processes related to the improvement of university governance and the implementation of Bologna Process practices at Kurdish universities. The course can contribute to defining a knowledge-base for the definition of innovative strategies for institutional development.

The course is designed as a learning journey, where trainees can navigate through 6 modules and the many materials available (videos, readings and activities). Each module is designed with a blended methodology, including concrete examples and case-studies. The open version of the APPRAIS course is meant for self-directed learning. Learners are encouraged to take the full course for completeness, and make the best use of the learning resources available to them, to replicate the learning approach of the project.

Modules shall be followed in the provided order. For each module, we encourage learners to start by consulting the preliminary provided resources, then watching the lecture recorded, and finally consulting the additional resources for completeness. During the first delivery of the course, sessions dedicated to Q&A have also been arranged, and they can be helping in clarifying doubts, together with the FAQ document.